About Us

Link Software is a software engineering, consultancy and development company operating in various fields of information technology. We offer a complete range of innovative solutions and tools covering, among others, the avionics, automotive, industrial, distribution and services sectors, thus ensuring our customers a continuous technological awareness and a high level of performance allowing them to succeed in a constantly evolving competitive environment. Most of our engineers and consultants are multilingual, thus they will guide and support you , thanks to their rich know-how and expertise in various sectors, in any process of analysis, design, architecture selection, development, integration or data exchange. Our solutions, tools and services are marketed nationally and throughout Europe. Our offices are located less than two hours by air from the main European cities at “Elgazala Technopark”, which is the region's leading technological centre. It has a powerful telecommunications infrastructure and includes the largest ICT companies.

Our Services

At the heart of Link Softwares business since its creation, the development of software solutions has constantly evolved to better meet the needs of its customers.Whether real-time systems, client-server applications, web solutions, services, embedded applications or inter-application integration, our engineers are always on the lookout for the most advanced and reliable new technologies, they have all the business experience necessary for the success of your projects. The expertise of Link Software throughout the life cycle of the delivered systems to our customers is the major asset that will guarantee not only the richness, durability and scalability of your solutions but also a quick return on investment...